Awards & Accomplishments

Thank you to our wonderful dancers, cheerleaders and families!

VC Reporter Best of Ventura County
#1 Dance Studio- Billy Clower Dance Studio
#2 Dance Instructor- Angie Nafie
#3 Dance Troupe- Billy Clower Dance Studio


Adrenaline Dance Competition
3rd Overall Junior Duo/Trio- Company Black
Hip Hop Genre Award, 5th place Overall Senior Small Groups, and Faculty Favorite Finalist- Urban Motion

Platinum Award - Company Black  (3rd Overall Junior Duo/Trio)
High Gold Award - Merged Motion
High Gold Award - Urban Motion 
Gold Award - Company Purple
Gold Award - Company Silver
Gold Award - SAS
High Silver Award - Imagine

7th Overall - Urban Motion
Judges Choice Most Creative- Company Black

Platinum Award - Urban Motion
Elite High Gold - Company Black
Elite High Gold - Company Purple
Elite High Gold- SAS
Elite High Gold - Shift Motion

Platinum - Billy Clower Senior Dance Company
Platinum - Merged Motion
Gold - Billy Clower Junior Dance Company
Gold - Shift Motion


Star Systems
Elite High Gold - Company Purple
Elite High Gold - Company Black
Elite High Gold - Merged Motion
Elite High Gold- SAS
High Gold - Shift Motion


Ventura Festival of Talent
Billy Clower Dance Crew

Ventura County St. Patrick’s Day Parade
1st Place - Walking Division - Billy Clower Dance Crew and Billy Clower Cheer


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