Recreational Classes

Acrobatic Dance
Acrobatic Dance 1 - Ages 5+
Acrobatic Dance 2 - By Recommendation Only 
Acrobatic Dance 3 - By Recommendation Only

Acrobatic Dance technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength. In acro dance there is no use of apparatus, the dancers ARE the apparatus. It is very common to "stack" or build platforms out of dancers through partnering to create exciting layers within a performance. Not only will you develop the skills to perform moves like aerials and back handsprings but it will improve your ability to leap and turn in your technique classes as well.

What to Wear 
Females and Males:  Well fitted athletic attire with hair up and out of face.



Ballet 1 - Ages 3-6 years 
Ballet 2 - Ages 7-9 years
Ballet 3 - Ages 10+ years
Ballet 4 and 5 - Teacher recommendation is required    

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms as it provides the universal language, grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in all other areas of dance. While focusing on strict technique, ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence in all styles of dance and performance. Ballet technique is the key in creating a stable base for a well rounded technician and performer.

What to Wear  
Leotard, tights, leather or canvas split-sole ballet shoes, short dance skirts/shorts are permitted, with hair in a bun. 
T-shirt, tights or dance pants, black leather or canvas ballet shoe.



Contemporary 1 - Ages 10+ years 
Contemporary 2 - Teacher recommendation is required.

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.  You must be enrolled in ballet to take contemporary.  Recommended ages for Contemporary 1 are 10+ years.

What to Wear
Females: Leotard or tight fitting top footless or convertible tights optional tight dance shorts or leggings with bare feet, foot undies or turners with hair pulled back.
Males: T-shirt, black tights or dance pants with bare feet, foot undies or turners.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop Level 1 - Ages 5 -7 years
Hip Hop Level 2 - Ages 7-10 years

Hip Hop Level 3 - 
Ages 10+ years
Hip Hop Level 4 and 5  - Teacher recommendation is required.
Hip Hop Performance Team - ages 8+ years 

Hip Hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing.  Classes will encourage students to bring their own individual style and personality. Hip hop dancing is very dynamic and helps the dancer improve flexibility, rhythm, musicality and develop body balance, and coordination.        

What to Wear
Females and Males: T-shirt or tank top, sweat pants or leggings with clean sneakers free of dirt and debris and hair pulled back from face.



Jazz Level 1 - Ages 10+ years
Jazz Level 2 -Teacher recommendation is required.

Jazz is a technique based style with a strong ballet background. Jazz students will learn essential Jazz techniques including kicks, turns and leaps. Class consists of warm up, strengthening and stretching exercises, center technique, traveling combinations, and choreography. There are many styles of jazz ranging from Broadway Jazz, Modern Jazz, African Jazz and many more. 

What to Wear  
Leotard or tight fitting top, tight dance shorts or leggings, bare feet, foot undies, turners or jazz shoes. Hair out of face.
Males: T-shirt, tights or dance pants, bare feet, foot undies, turners or jazz shoes. 


Musical Theatre Dance

Musical Theatre 1 - Ages 6-10 years 
Musical Theatre 2 - Ages 11+ years 

What to Wear to Dance Class
Black jazz pants, shorts or tights, Black leotard. Tan jazz shoes (level1) Tan character shoes (level 2) Hair pulled back from face in clean bun.
Males: Black jazz pants, Black shirtBlack jazz shoes level1and level 2.



Beginning Tap - Ages 7 years- Adult (For students with no tap experience)
Tap 1 - Ages 8 years-Adult (For students with 1-3 years experience)
Tap 2 - Ages 12 years-Adult (For students with 4-6 years experience)
Tap 3 - Teacher recommendation is required.
Adult/Teen Tap - Ages 15 years and older (For students with 3-10 years experience)

What to Wear
Females and Males: Comfortable exercise attire and tap shoes..


Tap and Ballet  Combo 
Combo Pink and Lilac - Ages 3-5 years
Yellow and Aqua - Teacher recommendation is required.

What to Wear                                                          
Females:  leotard and tights with pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Hair pulled back out of face.
Males:  fitted t-shirt, athletic shorts or pants black ballet shoes and tap shoes


Competition Teams


Billy Clower Competition Cheer Teams

Billy Clower Ignite Cheer - Ages 3-16 years
Billy Clower Sparks Cheer - Ages 7-10 years
Billy Clower Dynamite Cheer  - Ages 11-14 years

Our competition cheer teams learn a choreographed routine including cheer, dance, stunts, tumbling and more! Billy Clower Cheer Teams will form in the fall and compete and perform through the end of May. These are co-ed exhibition and competition cheer teams, with students ranging from 5-13 years of age. These teams require teamwork and dedication. They will make lasting friendships and gain self confidence while learning motions, jumps, stunts, tumbling, formations, spirit and more! No experience necessary, all are welcome.

What to Wear
Females: Billy Clower Cheer tank, Black Cheer Shorts, White ankle socks (any brand), White cheer shoes. Hair in ponytail with Billy Clower Cheer practice bow.
Males:  Billy Clower Cheer t-shirt, Black shorts or sweats, White ankle socks (any brand), White cheer shoes.

Sample Cheer Schedule from 2019-2020 Season

Aug 11         Cheer Sign Ups/Meeting 11am-12pm  Billy Clower Dance Studio
Aug 11         Cheer Assessments for all 11-13 year olds 12pm-3pm  Billy Clower Dance Studio
Sept 7-8       Cheer 2 - Stunt and Bonding Camp  9am-3pm  Billy Clower Dance Studio
Sept 21-22   Cheer 1 - Stunt and Bonding Camp  9am-12pm  Billy Clower Dance Studio
Oct 18-20     Ventura Marathon Fundraiser  Misc. Hours  Ventura Area
Dec 6            Tree Lighting Performance  Mission Park Ventura
Dec 20          Holiday Hoedown Performance  6pm-8pm  Buena High School
Jan 11           World Class Cheer Cali Valley Regional Competition  Huntington Beach, CA        
Jan 18           USA Cheer Regional Competition Agoura Hills High School        
Feb 1             World Class Cheer Nationals Competition Los Angeles, CA
Feb 16           USA Junior Spirit Nationals Competition Anaheim Convention Center
Mar 14           St. Patrick's Day Parade Competition  9am-12pm Downtown, Ventura
Mar 21           SHARP Nationals Competition Azusa, CA        
Apr 18           JAMZ Southern CA Challenge Cup Azusa, CA
Apr 25           Earth Day Eco Fest Performance Plaza Park, Ventura
May 29-31      Recital Rehearsals and Recitals Buena High School


Billy Clower Dance Company
Ages 10-19 years

Teams will form in August and will compete and perform through May. Billy Clower Dance Company is a co-ed Contemporary exhibition and competition dance team. Company dancers are also required to be enrolled in Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary at Billy Clower.


Billy Clower Dance Crew
Ages 10-19 years

Teams will form in August and will compete and perform through May.  Billy Clower Dance Crew is a co-ed hip-hop exhibition and competition dance team. Crew dancers are also required to be enrolled in one hip hop class at Billy Clower.