Registration is open for the 2022-23 Season!

   If you have been with us before, email to restore your account and get registered. 

If you are brand new to the studio, go to the top of this home page and click new student registration. 

Click here for a pdf of the 2022-2023 Class Schedule

2:45pmTap & Ballet Combo 1 2.5-4 yearsSydney
3:30-5:30pmX-Plosion CheerRegistration Closed9-10 yearsSydney & Seneca
5:30pmSparks Cheer Registration Closed6-8 yearsSydney & Seneca
6:30-8:30pmDynamite Cheer Registration Closed11-14 yearsSydney & Seneca
2:45pmTap & Ballet Combo 1 2.5-4 yearsChloe
3:30pmTap & Ballet Combo 2 5-6 yearsChloe
4:30pmHip Hop 2 7.5-9 yearsSly
5:30pmHip Hop 39+ YearsSly
6:30pmHip Hop 4RecommendationSly
7:30pmBallet 6RecommendationKerri
8:45-9:30pmPointe 2RecommendationKerri
2:30pmBallet 1 3-4 yearsKerri
3:30pmBallet 25-6 yearsKerri
4:30pmBallet 3RecommendationKerri
5:30pmAcro 4 RecommendationSage
6:30pmJazz 2RecommendationSage
7:30pmAcro 5 RecommendationSydney
8:30pmContemporary 3 *Must also be enrolled in BalletRecommendationSydney
3:30pmTap 2RecommendationCassidy
4:30pmJazz 17+ yearsSage
5:30pmTap 1RecommendationCassidy
6:30pmTap for Adults16+ yearsCassidy
7:30pmTap 3RecommendationCassidy
Friday ClassAgesInstructor
2:30pmAcrobatic Dance 13-5 yearsSydney
3:30pm Acrobatic Dance 3RecommendationSydney
4:30pmContemporary 1 *Must also be enrolled in Ballet7+ yearsSydney
5:30pmBallet 4RecommendationKerri
6:30pmContemporary 2*Must also be enrolled in BalletRecommendationKerri
7:30pmBallet 5RecommendationKerri
8:30-9:00pmPointe 1RecommendationKerri
8:45amTap & Ballet Combo 1 2.5- 4 yearsSydney
9:30amTap & Ballet Combo 2  5-6 yearsSydney
10:30amAcrobatic Dance 26+ yearsSydney
11:30amAdult Jazz *Punchcard only16+ yearsSydney
12:30pmTap for Beginners7+ yearsMarni
1:30pmBallet 37+ yearsMarni
2:30pmMusical Theatre (Hour 1 of 2) 7+ yearsAlice
3:30pmMusical Theatre (Hour 2 of 2) 7+ yearsAlice
8:00amAdult Barre *Punchcard only16+ yearsMarni
9:00 am Hip Hop 1 5-7 yearsKeen
10:00am Hip Hop 28 + yearsKeen
5-7pmAdvanced Hip Hop *once per month16 + yearsSly

Hours of Class Per Week            Monthly Fee

45min-1 hour per week   $ 85.00/month  

2 hours per week        $153.00/ month     

3 hours per week        $216.75 /month       

4+ hours per week         $272.000/month


Family Discount Policy:  The family member with the most classes is considered the 1st Family Member, the second most classes, the 2nd Family Member, and so forth.  The discounts are as follows:  20% off for the 2nd Family Member, 30% off for the 3rd, and 40% off for the 4th…


Annual Registration Fee:  $20.00/student and $10 for each additional family member.  Payment is due at the time of registration, and good through Summer 2023.  Tuition is due on the first of the month. Our studio requires families to make payments by credit card or debit card. Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in a particular month. Tuition is based on 32 weeks of classes in the dance season. Our studio does not send out monthly statements. All tuition is non-refundable. Monthly tuition is charged until the studio has received a written request of cancellation. There are no tuition adjustments for absences or holidays. Absences and Holidays may be made up in any class that is age and level appropriate.  If you are unsure please email for a class recommendation.                  

   Email BILLYCLOWER@GMAIL.COM if you have any questions on the recommended classes for your student.